FAQs – CPD Courses


How do I Enrol in a Free Course?

Select a course from the Course Catalogue

  1. Click on the “Enrol Button”;
  2. You will be taken through to the “Course Registration” page.
  3. If you do not have an account please fill in your contact details in the “Registration Information” form and this will set up an account for you.
  4. If you have an account click where indicated to login. You may already be logged in.
  5. Click “Enrol Now” to register in the course.
  6. You will be taken to the “My Courses” page.
  7. Click on “My Courses” to see the courses you are enrolled in including the one in which you have just enrolled.

How do I enrol in a course with a price (Paid Course)?

Select a course from the Course Catalogue

  • Try the free, no-obligation lessons. Just click on the “Free” button on the lessons
  • After you have tried the free lessons and you want to purchase the whole course go to “Pay for Lessons – Purchase Vouchers” underneath “CPD Courses”
  • Select the voucher for the course you want to purchase.
  • Add to cart or basket
  • Select another course, if you wish, and add to cart or basket.
  • View basket.
  • When completed your selection click proceed to the checkout
  • Log in if you already have an account or register if you do not have an account
  • Select your payment method and complete your purchase.
  • If the payment is complete as is the case with credit and debit cards you will be taken to “My Courses” page with details of your purchase and the link to download the voucher code. You will also be emailed a link to download a voucher code. If it doesn’t arrive in a few minutes check your Spam folder.
  • If you have opted to pay by direct deposit, EFT, or cheque the payment will be complete on receipt of cleared funds in our bank account. Let us know when you have deposited or transferred the funds by sending a text to 040404 5410. Include your name and Order ID.
  • You have your voucher code. If you paid by credit card, you will be taken to the “My Courses” page. Select “Redeem Voucher” enter your voucher code and submit.
  • You will be shown a message your voucher redemption was successful. Click on “My Courses” and you will see the courses you have enrolled in
  • If you used another payment method and now have your voucher code you will need to login to access My Courses. Ther follow the steps above.
  • You’re ready to enjoy your course.
  • If you log out, when you log back in you will be taken to “My Courses” page and click on “My Courses” to resume your course.

Why do I still have to Register even for Free Courses?

Your progress through the course is unique to you. Which lessons, quizzes and tests you have completed are unique to you. When you complete the course there is a record of your completion and a certificate of completion is issued. You can log in and review the progress and record of completion of all your courses including the free ones. This can only work if you are registered and login each time you do some work on your course.

How does the Money Back Guarantee Work?

This needs to be read in conjunction with the Enrolment Agreement. It is also without prejudice to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Click for Enrolment Agreement

Our Money Back Guarantee

We are aware that the greatest fear of most people when they enrol in a training course is that they will spend their valuable time and money attending the course and not learn anything useful. We are extremely confident of the quality of our courses and also the amount of content that we include for the price — and this is one of the key reasons that we have no qualms offering our Money Back Guarantee.

How Does the Refund for the Money Back Guarantee Work?

If you are not fully satisfied with the course you are undertaking, just inform us prior to completing the course or substantially undertaking most of the course and we will arrange a full refund of your course fee.

One refund per person per course. For bulk enrolments and adjustments will be made on a pro-rata basis.

Refunds will be made by the same method as the purchase.

This Money Back Guarantee is offered on the basis of an undertaking of good faith by all parties.

What are “My Memberships”?

These are for students who subscribe to various types of membership to have access to a number of particular courses for their type of membership.

Memberships can be useful for teams where the team needs to undertake a certain set of courses. The one voucher code used by each member of the team will automatically enrol that team member in all the specified courses.

It can also be used for the alumni of certain courses to access updated material.

How do I enrol my whole team in a course or specific courses?

You can simply select your course from the catalogue, add to the cart and increase the numbers for that course in the cart The voucher code that is downloaded can be used for the number of times that were purchased. Each member of the team has to register separately and use the voucher code so their individual progress is recorded.

Organisations and sole traders of good credit standing may have the option of being invoiced. On receipt of the appropriate authority, we will invoice your organisation and provide you with voucher codes for each of the courses. Each voucher code has a set number of times it can be redeemed. This is based on the number of team members enrolling in each course.

Can I pay on invoice?

Organisations and sole traders of good credit standing may have the option of being invoiced. On receipt of the appropriate authority, we will invoice your organisation and provide you with voucher codes for each of the courses. Each voucher code has a set number of times it can be redeemed. This is based on the number of team members enrolling in each course.

Do you offer discounts?

Our courses are of great value for the listed price. Accordingly, we do not have a fixed discount formula. But we do have a flexible discount policy. We take into account your circumstances including:

  1. the amount proposed to be spent in a single transaction is more than $770 including GST, if applicable. This approximates ten course enrolments?. This can be, for example,  for 10 people enrolling in one course each, one person enrolling in 10 courses, or 5 people enrolling in two courses each.
  2. your organisation is not-for-profit;
  3. you a student and not in full-time employment;
  4. you currently are unemployed or in receipt of government benefits;
  5. you are in a position to endorse or otherwise promote a course or courses. We are ethically and legally bound to disclose the benefit provided.
  6. your CPD programme includes our courses going into the future;
  7. we provide other services to your organisation such as in-house training (private courses), induction courses or live seminar assessment; or
  8. you or your organisation may be a contributor of couorse matedrials

We are happy to discuss these arrangements. If a discount is applicable we will issue an invoice. On receipt of the appropriate authority, we will invoice your organisation at the discounted pricing and provide you with voucher codes for each of the courses. Each voucher code has a set number of times it can be redeemed. This is based on the number of team members enrolling in each course.

Discounts can also be provided through memberships. This provides automatic enrollment to a member for a certain set of courses.  This avoids the need to have a voucher code for each course. Memberships are sometimes offered online otherwise they can be custom made and invoiced as above.

I have not received the email with my invoice and the course voucher download link

  • Check the spam folder for your email system
  • Log in. Go to “My Account” under “My CPD Courses”. You will find the links to all your downloadable items.

What is the difference between a Voucher Code and a Coupon Code?

A Voucher or “Activation” code is how you enrol in a particular paid course.

A Coupon or “Discount” is the code by which the price of the vouchers for a particular transaction is reduced.

How do I change my contact details?

Login and you will be taken to “My Courses” Click “Edit Account” and update your details. Click “Save”

Assessment Procedures?

What are “My Achievements”?

In some courses, there is additional recognition of your achievement in successfully completing a part of a course. These are called “Achievements”. You will also be issued a certificate on the successful completion of the course.

Questions about Content

How do you select material for inclusion in courses?

There are a few criteria including:

  1. it has to be practical. Something which can be implemented;
  2. it must add value to the course topic;
  3. it must be relatively easy to read. Material with steps or point form explanations are looked on favourably;
  4. the author of the source should have some demonstrated expertise in the topic;
  5. the source material should be evidence-based, and
  6. the source material should have references for its sources;

The sources for some of the content link back to free items on the internet. Why is an enrollment fee charged?

We reference all the material we use in our courses back to its source so you can access the original resource.

We add value to the material by:

  1. bringing up to date, relevant, quality, information relating to a particular topic;
  2. managing or curating the flood of information on the various topics;
  3. the information making up the content of the course being organised in a logical manner which helps learning;
  4. developing and applying assessment tools to the material which in turn assists with your learning and ensures a better level of understanding of the material and how it applies to real-life situations;
  5. providing a learning management system (LMS) so you have an evidence-based record of the successful completion of courses;
  6. having the LMS track your progress in your courses which helps with motivation to complete the course and improved efficiency by letting you know exactly what you have completed in the course.