The CPD requirements of ARITA are set out in the ARITA Regulations.  These can be accessed in full at

As of 2019, Paragraph 2.1(c) of the Regulations requires “… to maintain Membership, a Professional Member must complete during each triennial from the anniversary of their joining ARITA:

(i) a minimum of 30 hours of verifiable Continuing Professional Education (CPE) which is defined as education in which the member can confirm meets all four of the following requirements:

  • the learning activity was relevant to their current or future career;
  • was a structured learning activity in which there were clear learning objectives or outcomes when attending or completing the activity
  • the learning activity assisted in the development of their professional competency
  • they are able to provide proof of attendance or participation of the activity

(ii) A minimum total of 120 hours of verifiable and non-verifiable CPE, where non-verifiable CPE is typically the reading of, watching or listening to subjects which are relevant to your career.

According to the ARITA 2018 CPD Record CPD activities could include JOB-RELEVANT:

  • international, national and local conferences and courses (e.g. ARITA, CAANZ, CPA, Law Society, etc. and other similar bodies)
  • forums, courses and seminars conducted by professional bodies, etc.;
  • structured training from other providers or professional bodies;
    formal in-house training and presentations;
  • distance/online learning;
  • university courses, including time, taken to research and write essays;
  • other structured courses;
  • serving on a technical/advisory committee;
  • publishing professional or academic papers, articles, research and other publications relevant to current or future work;
  • developing training sessions or courses;
  • facilitating and/or marking professional examinations