Voucher Catalogue for Paid Lessons


Steps to access Paid Lessons:

  1. Select the course for which yu want to access the Paid Lessons.
  2. Add to cart or basket
  3. Select another course, if you wish, and add to cart or basket
  4. When completed your selection proceed to the checkout
  5. If you have enrolled in the free lessons and haven’t logged out proceed to step 7.
  6. Log in if you already have an account , (enrolled), or register if you do not have an account and haven’t enrolled in a course before.
  7. Select your payment method and complete your purchase.
  8. You will be issued with link(s) and also emailed a link(s) to download a voucher code if the payment is complete as with credit cards. With direct deposit and EFT, the payment will be complete on receipt of the funds in our bank account.
  9. Then go to the “My Courses” page. Select “Redeem Voucher” enter your voucher code and submit.
  10. You will be shown a message your voucher redemption was successful. Click on “My Courses” and you will see the courses you have enrolled in.
  11. You’re ready to enjoy your course.

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