We welcome quality contributions of articles, papers, books, videos, manuals and presentations. You do not need to draft the questions. We will look after the various forms of assessment.

  • We can take nearly any reaonably quality material and turn it into a course.
  • We welcome any topic where there is likely to be people prepared to in a course on the topic.
  • We can take your policy or procedures manuals and turn them into an in-house training course. You will have the assurance that your team have not only read the material but also understand the contents of the manuals and can apply your policies and procedures to real-life situations.
  • If your contribution is for open enrollment, (not specific to your organisation),  and meets our quality standards then we will pay a royalty of 40% of revenue excluding GST for any course which uses your material adjusted on a pro-rata basis to reflect the proportion of time a reasonable student undertaking the course to completion would spend on your material.
  • You must have copyright to the material. We do not require an exclusive licence.
  • The material must not be available on the internet without charge, including in a downloadable form which becomes available on signing up for a free subscription. This material can still be used but there will be no royalty payable for that particular material.

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