Types of CPD Courses

Open Free Courses

Anyone can enrol and take the course without charge.

Open Paid Courses

Anyone can enrol, pay the enrollment fee and take the course.

Team Enrollments in Open Paid Courses

You can enrol your team for a course or courses with a single payment. You will be issued a voucher code for each course which can be used for a certain number of enrollments. You can review the progress of various team members through the course. Achievements in the courses can be used in team members’ performance reviews.

Private Courses – In-House Training

If you have material you want your team to learn and understand then we can take that material and turn it into an online course or courses to which only you and your team will have access to. You can review the progress of various team members through the course. Achievements in the courses can be used in team members’ performance reviews.  Your organisation’s material remains confidential.

Private Courses – New Employee Inductions

Have evidence-based assurance that new employees not only have been made aware of your organisation’s policies and procedures but also understand their application. Questions can be asked in the context of case studies and real-life scenarios.

Private Courses – Site Specific Induction

Ensure people coming onto the site are aware of the specific procedures and rules for the workplace. This is an occupational health and safety requirement of many industries including the construction industry. The builder or head contractor on the site must have evidence that the person has undergone the site induction which often also requires knowledge of the contents of the occupational health and safety management plans for the site.

Assessments after Live Seminars & Webinars

Some participants in live seminars and webinars like to review the seminar and test their knowledge from the seminar or webinar. Employers who often pay for their staff to attend seminars and webinars want the assurance that their staff understand and can apply the knowledge from attending the seminar. They can be more confident of a return on their investment from the cost of registration and the time spent by staff attending the seminar or webinar. With this assurance, they are more likely to be prepared to make the investment including sending more staff to attend.

The assessments can be set up with the seminar providers own branding. The assessments can be included in the registration fee for the seminar or an optional extra charge.